Chloe x Halle – The Ungodly Hour

Beyonce’s protégé‘s, Chloe x Halle are back to the scene ( not that they ever left due to grownish, and strong social media presence) with their sophomore album titled ” The Ungodly Hour.” The artwork features the duo posing with their back facing us along with their chromatic colored wings. Let listen to this


Accapella intro with Sweet vocal harmonies gorgeously layered. Not much else to say her

Forgive Me

Man, when this beat drops my heart goes with it. This track here sounds like There bout to prepare for war or some sort of trial. So don’t get fooled by the name. They mean business. This track really showcases their maturity and transition into womanhood. The voices sound so rich and full.

Baby Girl

Baby girl is an empowering anthem for young girls. Let them know that there’s someone there looking out for them and they don’t have to feel overwhelmed by this male-dominated world. There are other girls who support them and men

Do it

Ay, Ay, This song is the definition of turn up. You can’t help but bop your head a bit this one. The track is about going out with your friend to the club and simply “Doing it” on the Dance Floor. The verses and pre-chorus are great build-ups to the catchy but ridiculously simple chorus. But There vocals are truly highlighted here. In the end, once the beat drops, you here gorgeous vocal inflections that are craft so well. It’s giving me crispy chills. Kudos to there mastering team.


Ladies turn into mad women, and go on a murder spree when their ex-lovers did them wrong. They’re tipsy on love, and to the point of borderline crazy. They sound good on the track. There’s not a whole lot of dynamics. But, it’s easy to listen to thanks to the straight forward lyrics and short length.

Ungodly Hour

The mysterious house and R&B opener with a rhythmic beat drop. This is so Disclosure. The title track is about the girls approaching a love interest, but after starting to know them they realize they lack confidence and Drive to take the relationship to the next level. However, there is a connection. Once they find that inner flame then they can take it to the “ungodly hour.”

When you decide you like yourself (Holler at me)

When you decide you need someone (Call up on me)

When you don’t have to think about it

Love me at the ungodly hour

Chloe x Halle – Ungodly Hour

Busy Boy

Somebody got caught being trifling at least that’s what Chloe and Halle says.They state that you all the love and everything is fine and all but that doesn’t mean you let the ego gets in your head. Now you got caught being “Busy.” The vibe is giving me straight Destiny’s Child “writing on the walls.” And there is nothing wrong with that.

Catch Up (Ft. Swae Lee & Mike – Will Made It)

Hmm, this is an interesting one. the production layering with the vocals is a bit odd but intriguing. Everyone sounds fine but it feels like there’s no vocal dynamics that keeps you interested throughout the entire body of work. It’s definitely a bit of a low point on the record, but it’s passable. 


Well, it’s a pretty emotional song. Beautiful harmonies. It’s Short but a sweet interlude.


This is the most chill song thus far. This song is an introvert’s life story in a nutshell. The duo serves harmonic vocals throughout the entire track. It showcases the beautiful lower registers in their voices. And I love how they stay in this part of the voice throughout the song because it’s parallels with the feeling of being an introvert. And that line you don’t have to be lonely being alone shows that even an introvert to find their love

I know sometimes, you feel alone

I know some nights, you wait by your phone

I know you wish you had somebody to hold

It don’t have to be lonely being alone

Chloe x Halle – Lonely

Don’t Make it Harder on Me

Whew, Chloe and Halle don’t make it hard for me, Please. I am getting straight Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, The Temptations and all the Motown soul wrapped up in one. Their vocals are serving. literally I’m envisioning myself riding down Detroit streets with my white Cadillac, and cruising with golden rims while bopping to this track. I might be exaggerating a bit but man am I a sucker for Motown influence tunes and they did it justice.

Wonder What She Thinks of Me

No, don’t tell me that Chloe and Halle are side pieces. But in all seriousness, the vocals are phenomenal as usual and I feel like it’s redundant for me to keep saying this but it’s a fact. On This one Halle’s voice sounds so soothing and calm. It’s almost like you’re transcending into the wind hear the sweet whispers. Also, Chloe’s deep tone act as earth contrast. It keeps you grounded in the best way possible.


Solid record. Nothing super amazing but chanting vocals are cool. The arrangement is a little simple Their unique voices make the track a bit more interesting. Also, I enjoyed the little talk-singing part after the chorus. The track is about getting out there and taking a try chance in this crazy world. Don’t live with regret. Go and see what’s out there because you’ll never know what you’ll get out of it.

Wow, a Collage of sounds we got here with this record. I here 70’s influence soul, to 90’s r&b and even futuristic alternative R&B. Sonic-ally the vibe was very cohesive and the different era of sounds didn’t interfere with the flow at all. There we’re definitely some highlight here such as “Lonely” and “Do It.” ultimately, there weren’t any major missteps. sure they’re was one or two i’d leave out but they still had a role in this body of work. I highly recommend this for someone interested in unique approaches to R&B cause they served.

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