Cleo Sol – Rose in the Dark

Cleo Sol – Rose in The Dark Artwork

Cleo Sol is a R&B/soul singer from London, United Kingdom. Her Debut record title “Rose in the Dark” dropped in March 20, 2020, looks highly intriguing. Immediately, from the first looks of the Album, I can’t help but compare the artwork to ” A Seat at the table” by Solange. Which was a monumental record. I definitely hope this record can follow in the same footsteps. NOW, Time to Max your playlist and jump right into it.

One Love

A Harmonic acapella opener, with a repetition of the track title. eventually, the jazz-esque production drops and you can’t help but to groove with the melody. Nice way to set the mood of the record.

Why Don’t You

This one is influenced by Neo-soul and jazz from the early 2000s. The track is about taking it easy with your lover. However, not completely opening up to them because you fear the emotional repercussions. Therefore, building oneself up spiritually will help build that foundation of love. In addition, letting go of everyday problems, and sometimes other people’s problems, to push yourself to the forefront.

Young Love

A lush R&b tune that empowers young girls in this challenging world. This world always expects girls to fit a particular role, but Cleo Sol is challenging those norms and letting young girls know you can chase your light. It’s all about believing in oneself and fulfilling that destiny. Standout Lyric:

Young love, I want you to value your light

I see that you’re searching for peace of mind

Cleo Sol – Young Love (Chorus)


Yes! Cleo sol comes through with the 70’s Soul Vibe. The track is about a time when she was struggling to make ends meet and she declares ” Don’t Press Rewind.” she learned her lessons and now it’s only up from here.

Rose in the Dark

She’s wiser and she’s smarter. The previous tracks were the building blocks of here confidence in this tune. She crafted her own character after everything she been through. It took prayer and believing things get better.

When I’m in Your Arms

Hand me my incense because I need to burn something to set the mood. “Baduizm” vibes are written all over this one. It’s her Jazziest tune thus far. The instrumentation and build age of the melody in this track is immaculate. She truly showcases her artistry here. The harmonies she crafts during the closing of the track is really beautiful.


Truly Enchanting tune. Her runs are gorgeous. Simple R&B drums and rhythmic background harmony create a smooth classic track. On this one, she realizes mistakes and heartbreaks of the past. She growing from that. But instead, she confides her lover. Letting him know she’s going to stick by his side no matter what they go through no matter what people say, no matter how the World Views them, she won’t go astray


Wow, this song is angelic. Her voice floats like a Butterfly. It’s one of the slower tunes on the LP. Yet, It has one of the quickest impacts. By the first verse, you get blown away by her gorgeous runs. Once you let go of the burden of others, you will undergo your full metamorphosis, to the butterfly that you were supposed to be.

Sure of Myself

What a well-written track. It’s about internal conflict within Cleo Sol. Being confident in her decisions, her artistry, Her circle. She questions many aspects of her life. She does this while confiding in a lover. A lover who she’s in conflict.The vocals once again are on point. The echoing falsettos in the background are icing on already soothe vocal performance

But I sometimes fight with myself

And I’ll cry to myself

Never tell a lie to myself

‘Cause it’s only me

Cleo Sol – Sure of Myself

I Love You

Self Acceptance is a must. She wanted to hear “I love You” but she never received it. Also, the light is a recurring theme in the record. Soft Neo-soul ballad that oozes soul deep emotions.

Her Light

The sample in the intro is total fire. Blaze this track up a notch. The vocal layering is gorgeous. She has been guided to the Illuminated part of her life. For the closing of the album, she wants young girls to never feel defeated. Whether in a relationship that’s tormenting or facing a world that toy with your future. Even if you weren’t properly equipped with tools of success. You WILL Succeed!

Overall this body of work is truly magical. Pretty much, no skips are on this record. And Her vocals, the lyrics, and instrumentation are all highlighted in the best way possible. This is the perfect blend between R&b, soul, and Jazz. It is absolutely gorgeous. This may even impact a wider audience. I highly recommend this record.

Check Out Cleo Sol’s “Rose in the Dark” on Spotify

Check Out Cleo Sol “Rose in the Dark” on iTunes.

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