Kelly Clarkson – Move You

This Kelly Clarkson track is a soulful pop-rock ballad. It’s absolutely gorgeous. In many ways, it reminds me of an Adele or Celine Dion song. However, due to the raw uniqueness in her voice, the track ends up being so Kelly. The track is about Kelly herself wanting to invoke an emotional response from herContinue reading “Kelly Clarkson – Move You”

Alabama shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

Sultry southern rock tune with rich and heavy vocals by the wonderful lead singer of Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard. Her voice echos from the inspiration of Aretha Franklin, Patsy Cline, and Janis Joplin. The Thing is she has this raw soul in her voice. It’s just so captivating.  you can understand the mood of thisContinue reading “Alabama shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight”

Majid Jordan – Spirit

A chill R&B track with hints of an alternative twist. His voice floats through the duration of the track at ease. And the melody choices especially, in the Chorus, where it captures the attention well, even if there’s a strong use of repetition. The track is about bonding with a love interest even if youContinue reading “Majid Jordan – Spirit”

Throwback: Robin Thicke – Sweetest Love

A swoon R&B performance by Robin Thicke. This 2007 classic consists of a soft piano opener with sensual soft lyrics to a triumphant horn section and drums that support his appreciation for his sweetest love. Though some of the lyrical contexts is touching and do not only have to apply to a romantic relationship. StrongContinue reading “Throwback: Robin Thicke – Sweetest Love”

Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor

This track is from her iconic record the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The track is about the toxicity in a relationship. she’s trying to let go of this man but he can’t seem to let go of her. it gets to the point where he’s going to hurt himself to be with her. Unhealthy loveContinue reading “Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor”

Southern Avenue – Whiskey Love

The rock band Southern Avenue releases a teary soulful rock record titled “whiskey love.” Strong guitar lead and great vocals make this song a total vibe. Especially, when the lead singer starts belting back and forth with the background vocals towards the end of the record. The track is about feeling like an emotional wreck.Continue reading “Southern Avenue – Whiskey Love”

Throwback: Solange – Crane in the Sky

Solo’ Atmospheric lead single from her iconic record “A Seat at the Table.” It opens with hasty light skip drum followed by a thumping bass once the Verse comes in. Truly nice instrumentation. And it accompanied with a light clear vocals throughout the record. She showcases here upper register during the climactic peak towards theContinue reading “Throwback: Solange – Crane in the Sky”

Throwback: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

Destiny’s child radioactive release “Nuclear” is a Harmonic slow burner. This was supposed to be a reunion single after they reunited during Beyonce’s superbowl show in 2013. The track is deciphered with sweet, soft, serenading vocals that discuss the bonds between two lovers. Unique strong bonds that hold nuclear energy. Although, there are moments IContinue reading “Throwback: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear”

Lucky Daye – Roll Some Mo

This is a R&B track oozing Bossa nova influenced instrumentation. It expresses rich and controlled vocals with an equally powerful drum kick. Especially, in the chorus, where he introduced his love interest to a bit of herb. He lets her slow sink into the experiences then so roll some more. During the verse, he bringsContinue reading “Lucky Daye – Roll Some Mo”