Throwback: Solange – Crane in the Sky

Solo’ Atmospheric lead single from her iconic record “A Seat at the Table.” It opens with hasty light skip drum followed by a thumping bass once the Verse comes in. Truly nice instrumentation. And it accompanied with a light clear vocals throughout the record. She showcases here upper register during the climactic peak towards theContinue reading “Throwback: Solange – Crane in the Sky”

Throwback: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

Destiny’s child radioactive release “Nuclear” is a Harmonic slow burner. This was supposed to be a reunion single after they reunited during Beyonce’s superbowl show in 2013. The track is deciphered with sweet, soft, serenading vocals that discuss the bonds between two lovers. Unique strong bonds that hold nuclear energy. Although, there are moments IContinue reading “Throwback: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear”