Throwback: Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

Destiny’s child radioactive release “Nuclear” is a Harmonic slow burner. This was supposed to be a reunion single after they reunited during Beyonce’s superbowl show in 2013. The track is deciphered with sweet, soft, serenading vocals that discuss the bonds between two lovers. Unique strong bonds that hold nuclear energy. Although, there are moments I question, like during the chorus when the ladies say “There’s nowhere left to run. Why run? Why would you run.” Haha, someone’s energy may be a bit unstable. So it’s time to dash before they burst. But in all seriousness, this is a simply delightful R&B record where each of the ladies’ vocals shines. Pharrell’s strong production skills are also showcased quite well here, due to the marching snare drums, and otherworldly synths that just mix so well.

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