Majid Jordan – Spirit

A chill R&B track with hints of an alternative twist. His voice floats through the duration of the track at ease. And the melody choices especially, in the Chorus, where it captures the attention well, even if there’s a strong use of repetition. The track is about bonding with a love interest even if you have naysayer opposes trying to prevent. Specifically lyrical content such as “Got me on a wave, People wanna say what they wanna say, They gon’ let us say-ay-ay, We don’t give a damn what anyone thinks” describes the opposition and careless mentality when it comes to the hat from the outside. Instead, he rather stays on this wave that keeps his frequency in tune. In addition, there are ghostly references that may imply why the track is titles spirit. In the second verse, he refers to “rolling through the night like a wraith.” may indicate that his love interest passed on, and he’s left seeing images of her everywhere. The people opposing may actually be love ones who believe he’d hurt himself to be with her. Regardless of the many ways to interpret it, this track is quite interesting melody wise and lyrically.

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