Little Mix – Holiday

UK native’s and the current biggest Girl Band of this generation bring a romantic and festive approach to their track “Holiday.” The track is a post-disco galore and screams Daft Funk influences. Alone is enough to make you want to celebrate like it’s a holiday. Vocally their voices are absolutely angelic. Each verse sounds likeContinue reading “Little Mix – Holiday”

Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor

This track is from her iconic record the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The track is about the toxicity in a relationship. she’s trying to let go of this man but he can’t seem to let go of her. it gets to the point where he’s going to hurt himself to be with her. Unhealthy loveContinue reading “Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor”

Lianne La Havas – Can’t Fight

Gimme those Bossa Nova influenced drums. I just wanna take it from the track and put it on loop in my head. I’m a sucker for jazz fusion. But honestly, her vocals are so clean and pure. It’s almost like she pierces through the background with making a mess. And what’s interesting is that sheContinue reading “Lianne La Havas – Can’t Fight”

Ravyn Lenae – Rewind

The wave of experimental R&B is still at its prime. For instance, this track here true ear-candy. That bass accompanied by the snare is iconic. Firstly, the Vocals on the chorus are gorgeous. The tone and control almost resemble a woodwind instrument. And she’s not necessarily showing off powerhouse vocals, but a simplistic whisper approachContinue reading “Ravyn Lenae – Rewind”

Gallant – Doesn’t Matter

This electronic – R&B mid-tempo number consists of rich vocals and dynamic production. In the verses he stays in his chest voice, saying lines “like this love is an accident waiting to happen let’s go out with a bang.” Hear his voice sounds like an early 2000 usher. In contrast, during the chorus, he pumpsContinue reading “Gallant – Doesn’t Matter”

Cleo Sol – Rose in the Dark

Cleo Sol is a R&B/soul singer from London, United Kingdom. Her Debut record title “Rose in the Dark” dropped in March 20, 2020, looks highly intriguing. Immediately, from the first looks of the Album, I can’t help but compare the artwork to ” A Seat at the table” by Solange. Which was a monumental record.Continue reading “Cleo Sol – Rose in the Dark”