Throwback: Robin Thicke – Sweetest Love

A swoon R&B performance by Robin Thicke. This 2007 classic consists of a soft piano opener with sensual soft lyrics to a triumphant horn section and drums that support his appreciation for his sweetest love. Though some of the lyrical contexts is touching and do not only have to apply to a romantic relationship. StrongContinue reading “Throwback: Robin Thicke – Sweetest Love”

Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor

This track is from her iconic record the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The track is about the toxicity in a relationship. she’s trying to let go of this man but he can’t seem to let go of her. it gets to the point where he’s going to hurt himself to be with her. Unhealthy loveContinue reading “Lauryn Hill – Ex Factor”

H.E.R. – Do To Me

H.E.R. brings reggae flavor to her track titled “Do To Me. ” Sweet echoing chants support the track by further emphasizing the island feel. This vibe suits her style well. Her silky and husky tone adds a sweet essence that no other artist could. And its genuinely because H.E.R Voice has this quality that justContinue reading “H.E.R. – Do To Me”